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Latest update : January 1st, 2011

Name: Kaoru Watanabe

Location: Tokyo, Japan.

Contact: LinkedIn "kaoru watanabe"

Venture Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist, Visionary and Evangelist

Fields of expertise: Start-up Ventures, Business development, Business strategy

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For the past 16 years I have been involved in Internet Business, and have had experience with investment, management, business development, and business strategy through the launch of my own venture company. In addition, I have worked under the Mr. Masayoshi Son SoftBank CEO and Mr. Miyakawa SoftBank Mobile CTO handling the development of a Video Search Engine as well as a Mobile Search Engine and have also been involved in buying for a separate Vodafone. At SBI Group, I have worked under direct supervision of Mr. Kitao CEO to draw up plans and put into practice the company's Internet Finance Ventures, business development, as well as web business strategy for the group as a whole. I also took a leadership role in the planning, design, and development of a finance related search engine and social networking service based on Cloud Computing (Amazon Web Services).

In 2009, I launched an iPhone related enterprise, and will begin development of a service which makes use of cloud computing. Currently, while working as a web business consultant for various companies, I am actively conducting events, seminars, classes and lectures on the subject of web strategy. In 2010, I start Android Business, too.

In 2011, RainbowApps is working for 3 major Internet Technology Domain, iPhone (iOS), Android and Cloud Computing.

Business Experience



Founder, President, CEO and Executive Director

Management, Cloud Computing and Mobile Internet Business strategy and Business development


I was a member of the Board for New Vision  Softbank 30 years.

I'm follower of Mr. Masayoshi Son SoftBank CEO.

RainbowApps - Largest iPhone Apps Ranking Site

・A new business specializes in iPhone Web Service development.

・Developed iPhone Apps Sharing Service named RainbowApps.

・Managing iPhone Application Programing School

・Developed by Amazon Web Service.

・Advisor as Web Strategy

・Consaltant as Cloud Computing and Mobile Internet Strategy

I'm working for

# Project development and production of RainbowApps

# Owner at iPhone application program development school

# Management of Agora blog and event seminar

# Consulting of major Chinese Internet company

# Consulting of major trader's

# Consulting of major telecom carrier

# Consulting of major energy company

# A lot of consulting activities of the other Internet, web, and mobile / smartphone business

Past / July, 2007 - December, 2009

SBI Holdings, Inc.


Headquarters division Business Director of Web Finance Strategy and Business Development


・Decision of Web Business Strategy of SBI and SBI group

・Advisor of Web Strategy


Past / November, 2006 - November, 2008

SBI Robo, Inc.

President and CEO


・Joint Venture : SBI Robo was established with the FAST Search and Transfer which was bought by Microsoft 2008). Capital 1.5 billion yen

・Developed Search Engine and Social Network Services

Past / June, 2006 - November 2006

SoftBank Robo, Inc. (SoftBank Subsidiary)

President and CEO


・Development of Mobile Search Engine

・Development of Video Search Engine for Yahoo! Japan, Inc.

Past / September, 2002 - November, 2006

Softbank BB / Softbank Mobile, Inc.

Chief Director of Internet Strategy Devision


・Advisor of Masayoshi Son Softbank CEO as Web Strategy

・Advisor of Vodafone M&A as Web Strategy

・Development of Mobile Search Engine

・Development of Video Search Engine for Yahoo! Japan, Inc.

Past / July, 1996 - September, 2002

WINA, Inc.

Co-Founder, President and CEO

Management, New Business Development and Business strategy


・Start up new venture company

・450 million yen funding from SoftBank Investment.

・Established Joint venture company with SoftBank Finance which founded 2 Billion yen ・Developed Mobile E-Commerce System

Social Activities


“The Future of Internet” - Livin’ on the Cloud written by Kaoru Watanabe


AGORA BLOG is one of the biggest Blog Site in Japan.

Managing with Mr. Nobuo Ikeda who is one of the best Blogger in Japan. AGORA is managed by Several famous writer.

Web Traffic is over 1,000,000 unique users per month and over 5 million page view.

Managing Events, Seminars and School (I’m an Owner)

-iPhone Application Programing School / 1000 Students ever

-AGORA Venture Business Seminar / 100 Students

Managing this Seminar once a month

-AGORA Business Seminars / 40 students

Managing this Seminars 4 times per month

-Event for iPhone developer with TechCrunch Japan / 300 people Link

Membership Activities (Dec, 2009)

-Android Japan (member 5000 people)

-Phone Developer Japan (member 950 people)

-Cloud Computing Research (member 276 people)

Future Prospects:

For over 16 years at SoftBank and SBI Group, I have had an amazingly fulfilling experience of working under some of the world's most dynamic executives and participating in some of the most dynamic Internet, Mobile, Web and Finance ventures. From here on, the world will be entering the age of mobile Internet and Cloud Computing, with the full-scale development of projects such as the iPhone and Android. The Web will become even more globalized and develop into a completely different industry than it is now. I believe the world will move towards an information economy and be able to overcome the barriers of geographic constraint, race, culture and language. Cloud Computing will bring about a new energy industry, and "Computer Power" will become an indispensable source of energy for the economic world. It is my hope to become one of the people involved in the creation of this new industry.

January 1st, 2011

Kaoru Watanabe